Price Includes: 5 Hotel(s), 19 Sightseeing
Day 01
Airport / Dambulla
  • Welcome & assistance at airport & transfer to Dambulla
  • Transfer from airport to Dambulla Via Chilaw


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Sight Seeing Included:
MANAVARI TEMPLE / Munishwaram Temple / Pinnawala – Elephant orphanage
    • Dinner
Fresco Water Villa
Fresco Water Villa Pvt Ltd, 72/A 4TH Mile Post, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
Room Included :
Deluxe Room
Meals at hotel : MAP included only
Day 02
Day 02 – Dambulla / Trincomalee

Breakfast at the Hotel
Transfer from Dambulla to Trincomalee
Trincomalee is famed for its natural harbour. Described by adniral Lord Nelson as the finest harbour
in the world when he visited aboard HMS Seashore in 1770. It is ranked as the world's 5th largest
natural harbour. During the second world war the harbour became the base for the combined East
Asian Fleet of the Allied Powers.
Trinco's most famous landmark is Fort Federick, a centaury and a half of british fortifications can be
found here. The cliff known as Swami Rock on the tip of Fort Federick promontory is associated with
a tragic romantic tale woven around a Dutch maiden who is believed to have jumped to her death
from this spot seeing her fickle lover sailing away.

Visit Trincomalee – Koneshvaram Kovil
Thiru Koneshwaram TempleThis temple is situated in the  Trincomalee  town.
Thiru Koneshwaram was built by sage Agasthyar as per the instructions of Lord Shiva who was
impressed by the devotion of King Ravana. This place has the uniqueness of the lord

Visit Other Hindu Temples – Sri Luxmi Narana Perumal Temple

Visit Sri Badrakali Hindu Temple

Lunch at outside Indian restaurant
Evening leisure at the Hotel
Dinner & overnight stay at Hotel in Trincomalee

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    • Breakfast
    • Dinner
Trinco Blu by Cinnamon
Sampalthivu Post Uppuveli, Trincomalee 83408, Sri Lanka
Room Included :
Deluxe Room
Meals at hotel : MAP included only
Day 03
Day 03 – Trincomalee / Kandy

Breakfast at the Hotel
Transfer from Trincomalee to Kandy
Sigiriya is an amazing geological formation in Sri Lanka that encompasses an important
archaeological site. Sigiriya lies 22 km north-east of Dambulla in the North central province of Sri
Lanka. The tourist site of Sigiriya has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1982 and
is part of the seven world heritage sites of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is located in the middle of the tourism
cultural triangle formed by connecting the world heritage sites of Anuradhapura, Kandy and
Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka.

Visit Dambulla Cave temple
The area is thought to be inhabited from as early as the 7th to 3rd century BC. Statues and paintings
in these caves date back to the 1st century BC. But the paintings and statues were repaired and
repainted in 11th, 12th, and 18th century AD. The caves in the city provided refuge to King
Valagamba (also called Vattagamini Abhaya) in his 14 year long exile from the Anuradapura
kingdom. Buddhist monks meditating in the caves of Dambulla at that time provided the exiled king
protection from his enemies. When King Valagamba returned to the throne at Anuradapura kingdom
in the 1st century BC, he had a magnificent rock temple built at Dambulla as a gratitude to the
monks in Dambulla.

Lunch at outside Indian restaurant

Spicy Garden
Sri Lanka is world renowned for its valued spices and healing herbs. Our lush spice and herbal
gardens feature many important herbs such as Sandalwood, Margosa, Cocoa, Citronella, Almond,
Jasmine and Coconut. When visiting us, make the most of the chance to experience first-hand how
cloves, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and saffron are grown in their natural surroundings.
At Regent Spice and Herbal Garden you can learn of their medicinal healing properties and how to
use them in your day to day needs. Used worldwide in many medicines, the healing powers of spices
have been respected from the time of the Pharaohs and Chinese Dynasties, while our herbs are used
in Ayurvedic concoctions.

Dinner & overnight stay at Hotel in Kandy

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    • Breakfast
    • Dinner
Royal Kandyan
833 Peradeniya Rd, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka
Room Included :
Deluxe Room
Meals at hotel : MAP included only
Day 04
Day 04 – Kandy

Breakfast at the Hotel
Located in the foothills of the central highlands, Kandy, Sri Lanka’s renowned second city is a
beautiful city, surrounded by hills and valleys, rivers, lakes and cascading waterfalls. 129 Km away
from Colombo Kandy, the charming hill capital, is the centre of Sri Lanka’s rich culture and a World
Heritage City or it may be said that Kandy is a perfect place to explore the unique history and the
beautiful culture simultaneously. Popularly known as Maha Nuwara (means “The Great City”) among
most of Sri Lankans, Kandy is full of magnificent architecture displaying Indian and Sinhalese designs.
It is a most sacred city for Buddhists with numerous temples and shrines, based on Buddhist
architecture. Kandy was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988.

Dalada Maligawa – Temple of Tooth
Located in Kandy, long a center of the Buddhist faith, the stunning 17th-century Temple of the
Tooth (Śrī Dalada Maligawa) is believed to house the left upper canine tooth of the Lord Buddha
himself. This precious relic attracts white-clad pilgrims, bearing lotus blossoms and frangipani, every
According to legend, the tooth was taken from the Buddha as he lay on his funeral pyre. It was
smuggled to Sri Lanka in 313 AD, hidden in the hair of Princess Hemamali who fled the Hindu armies
besieging her father's kingdom in India.
It immediately became an object of great reverence and was enshrined in a series of nested jeweled
reliquaries. The tooth was brought out for special occasions and paraded on the backs of elephants,
which are sacred to the Buddha. Where it survived numerous attempts to capture and destroy it.
When the capital was moved to Kandy, the tooth was taken to the new city and placed in temples
built to honor it. The temple was originally built under Kandyan kings between 1687 and 1707

Royal Botanical Garden
Peradeniya is situated about 5.5 km to the west from the city of Kandy in the Central Province of Sri
Lanka.and attracts 1.2 million visitors annually, It is renowned for its collection of a variety of
orchids. It includes more than 300 varieties of orchids, spices, medicinal plants and palm trees.
Attached to it is the National Herbarium. The total area of the botanical garden is 147 acres
(0.59 km 2 ), at 460 meters above sea level, and with a 200-day annual rainfall. It is managed by the
Division of National Botanic Gardens of the Department of Agriculture. The origins of the Botanic
Gardens date as far back as 1371 when King Wickramabahu III ascended the throne and kept court
at Peradeniya near Mahaweli river. This was followed by King Kirti Sri and King Rajadhi Rajasinghe. A
temple was built on this location by King Wimala Dharma, but it was destroyed by the British when
they were given control over the Kingdom of Kandy. Thereafter, the groundwork for a botanical
garden was formed by Alexandar Moon in 1821. The Botanical Garden at Peradeniya was formally
established in 1843 with plants brought from Kew Garden, Slave Island, Colombo, and the Kalutara
Garden in Kalutara. The Royal Botanic Garden, Peradeniya was made more independent and
expanded under George Gardner as superintendent in 1844.On his death in 1849 George Henry
Kendrick Thwaites became superintendent.The Garden came under the administration of the
Department of Agriculture when it was established in 1912.

Lunch at outside Indian restaurant
Kandy Cultural Show
Sri Lanka, a country rich with culture & tradition offers a very vibrant and unique show of Sri Lankan
traditional dances, in the form of Kandy cultural show. As many as 12 different folk and traditional
dances are performed during the show.
Kandyan Dance was originated from the hill country capital of Kandy. But today it has been
widespread to other parts of the country.

Dinner & Overnight stay at Hotel in Kandy

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Sight Seeing Included:
Cultural Show / Royal Botanical Gardens / Temple of the Tooth
    • Breakfast
    • Dinner
Royal Kandyan
833 Peradeniya Rd, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka
Room Included :
Deluxe Room
Meals at hotel : MAP included only
Day 05
Day 05 – Kandy / Nuwara Eliya

Breakfast at the Hotel
Transfer from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya
En-Route visit Hanuman Temple
Visit Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple, Ramboda. The Ramboda area is believed to be an area where
Rama’s forces were gathered against Ravana. RamPadai means Rama’s Force. The hills of Ramboda
is also believed where Hanuman was searching for Sitadevi. The Chinmaya mission of Sri Lanka has
built an Anjaneyar temple with Hanuman as the presiding deity. This temple is called Sri Baktha
Hanuman temple and the image of lord Hanuman here is 16 Feet tall..
The service times at the Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple is between 7:00 am to 12:00 noon and again
3:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Visit Ramboda Falls

Tea Factory

Nuwara Eliya
Nuwara Eliya, the "city of lights," is the highest town in Sri Lanka and that means a break from the
oppressive heat and humidity that surrounds the rest of the country. Situated at around 2000m
above sea level and surrounded by lush tea plantations. Nuwara Eliya is the main hill resort of Sri
Lanka and the heart of the tea industry. This city with an elevation of 6200 meters is the highest in
Sri Lanka. Once a pleasure retreats of the European planters the town is still very much an English
town with many English style bungalows and buildings.
Nuwara Eliya is a good escape for those who miss cool breeze in tropical Sri Lanka at any time of the
year. Local tourists flock to this town in their 'season' from March to May when it is the hottest
duration for the town, April being the busiest. Nuwara Eliya offers many activities for tourists
including visits to tea plantations, golfing, horse riding, boating, hiking and of course exploring the
beauty of the landscaped gardens, waterfalls and plateaus. Hemmed in by three of the highest

mountains in the country; Piduruthalagala, the Great Western and Haggala, the city looks very
isolated. Yet it's just a four hour drive from Colombo. Excellent walks and drives, exceptionally good
golf on the 18 Hole Course, one of the best in Asia. Trout hatchery, market, gardens of flowers, fruits
and vegetables, not commonly associated with Sri Lanka, Haggala Botanical Garden famous for its
collection of roses and the rare fernery. Thanks to the cool climes this is one city where you can
never work up a sweat.

Lunch at outside Indian restaurant
Dinner & overnight stay at Hotel in Nuwara Eliya

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    • Breakfast
    • Dinner
Araliya Red - Nuwara Eliya
9, 36 Unique View Rd, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka
Room Included :
Deluxe Room
Meals at hotel : MAP included only
Day 06
Day 06 – Nuwara Eliya / Katharagama

Breakfast at the Hotel
Sitha Amman Temple
The Sitha Amman Temple can be seen en route to the Hakgala Botanical Gardens. The prominent
temple architecture will not fail to attract your attention. Ancient statues of Rama and Sitha can be
seen on one side of the temple. The temple today is a modern building with its paintings, statues
and pillars decorated with sculptures; all depicting the tale of Rama and Sitha.

Transfer from Nuwara Eliya to Katharagama
Visit Ella Gap
Ella is blessed with some of the most beautiful views, you could find in Sri Lanka. The views through
Ella Gap are stunning, and on a clear night you can even spy the subtle glow of the Great Basses
lighthouse on Sri Lanka’s south coast. Ella is a beautiful small backpacker-hub on the southern edge
of Sri Lanka's Hill Country which is famous for tracking.
It is approximately 200 kilometres (120 mi) east of Colombo and is situated at an elevation of 1,041
metres (3,415 ft) above the sea level. The area has a rich bio-diversity dense with numerous varieties
of flora and fauna. Ella is surrounded by hills covered with cloud forests and tea plantations. The
town has a cooler climate than its surroundings, due to its elevation.

Lunch at outside Indian restaurant
Evening Visit Kataragama Temple

Kataragama a popular pilgrimage destination frequented by all three religious groups Buddhists,
Hindus and Muslims in Sri Lanka. The main shrine devoted to Skanda popularly described in eulogies
as God having six faces and twelve arms whose assistance is sought for worldly gain. The history of
the shrine dates back to 2 century BC. The annual procession held in July or August is the main event
of the shrine with fire walkers and Kawadi dancers. It is close to the beach areas of Hambantota and
the jungles of Yala National Park.

Dinner & overnight stay at Hotel in Thissamaharama

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Sight Seeing Included:
    • Breakfast
    • Dinner
Araliya Red - Nuwara Eliya
9, 36 Unique View Rd, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka
Room Included :
Deluxe Room
Meals at hotel : MAP included only
Day 07
Day 07 – Katharagama / Colombo
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    • Breakfast
    • Dinner
EKHO Safari Tissa
Tissamaharama - Kataragama Rd, Tissamaharama 82600, Sri Lanka
Room Included :
Deluxe Room
Meals at hotel : MAP included only
Day 08
Day 08 – Colombo / Airport

Breakfast at the Hotel
City Tour in Colombo
Colombo is the largest city of Sri Lanka and its commercial capital. The city is strategically located on
the east west trade route and is a major business hub of the country. The city serves as a major port
and the largest financial center of Sri Lanka. Colombo is a blend of old and the new. The city is
bestowed with some of the most beautiful historic sites.
The city is also the most modernized city of Sri Lanka. The most famous architecture of the city
includes the Dutch Era buildings, the British era buildings and the Colombo Fort. Colombo is a city of
many festivals. The most important festival of Colombo is the celebration of Lord Buddha's Birth,
Enlightenment and Death. The city of Colombo is decorated with lanterns during this festival. The
festival takes place in the month of May. The other major festival that is celebrated in Colombo is
Christmas. The city of Colombo is also the Media and the Fashion center of Sri Lanka.

Transfer to the airport for departure flight
End Tour…………

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Sight Seeing Included:
    • Breakfast
  • Hotel Nights accommodation on twin sharing basis as per itinerary

  • Meals as per hotel plan

  • All transfers and sightseeing as per the itinerary in an air-conditioned vehicle on sharing basis

  • Road taxes, parking fees, fuel charges, interstate taxes

  • 5% GST AND 5%TCS 

  • All personal expenses like tips, laundry, telephone calls/fax, alcoholic beverages, camera/video camera fees at monuments, medical expenses, airport departure tax etc.

  • Anything not mentioned under Package Inclusions.

  • Entrance fees at all monuments and sightseeing spots

  • Cost incidental to any change in the itinerary/stay on account of flight cancellation due to bad weather, ill health, and roadblocks and/or any factors beyond control.

  • Airfare if not mentioned in the itinerary

  • In case client wishes to prepone /postpone his or her travel dates, we request you to kindly reach us 15 days prior to journey date via e-mail/SMS.

  • The customers can prepone /postpone their tour once without any additional charges (if intimated before 15 days of travel date in written). However postponing & preponing second time will attract additional charges.

  • Also note that few service providers (Hoteliers, Transporter etc.) may apply postpone/prepone charges even after meeting above requirement. In such cases postpone/prepone charges will deducted from the advance amount deposited.

  • In all prepone or postpone scenarios, the services and the costing will be subject to availability of Hotel/Volvo and season/off season time.

  • We do not accept any changes in plan within 15 days of travel date. However in rare cases like adverse climatic conditions or strikes, package can be postponed which will be intimated to you beforehand.

  • The validity to utilize your Advance payment in prepone/postpone scenarios is 1 Year from the date of advance payment.

  • The advance payment and the invoice Number allotted to you, are transferable i.e. you can pass on your booking to any of your friends/ relatives. (Please Note: In order to transfer your booking you must meet the above terms and conditions first).

  • 50 %advance to be paid at the time of booking.
  • Air fare is dynamic in nature and will be calculated at the time of confirmaiton.
  • 100% payment is to be made for domestic packages 15days Prior to Departure
  • 100% payment is to be made for international packages 21days prior to Departure.
  • In case of cancellation standard cancellation policies will be applicable or may be changed as per the policies and also Hotel policy is applicable.

If you Cancel your Holiday

  • 30 days or more before date of departure : 25% of total cost

  • 29 - 20 days before date of departure : 50% of total cost

  • 19 days or less before date of departure : 100% of total cost

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